Amidst the fluctuating weather we've been experiencing recently in Dubai, I've had some wonderful home sessions with lovely families. I used to feel anxious about home sessions because I discover a new place every time, but I find myself falling more and more in love with them. This one was no exception, filled with laughter and cuddles, and the pockets of light I found there were absolutely divine.

There's something unique about capturing images in your homes, and I always consider it a privilege to be welcomed in. Dubai makes it even more special, with clients coming from all over the world. As I capture your memories, I'm sure to create some amazing ones for myself. From the captivating conversations about your family and origins over a warm coffee to sharing so many special dishes with me, I cannot express how magical it makes my experience as a photographer.

Certainly, the light doesn't always fall in the ideal place, but I get to chase it and be creative in every corner. Your photo gallery is sure to be absolutely unique, and your children always open up so easily in their environment.

Summer lies ahead, and I'll soon have to bid farewell to my favorite outdoor locations. But don't postpone your session if you want to capture those beautiful expressions of your babies and children. Make it happen at home; it will be very special!